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Graham, TX


I am a digital photography artist. I love the things I see all around me from the mundane to the phenomenal, and if I can capture one of those things in a moment in time, I am happy. Beauty in this world makes my heart smile. Sadness and ugliness in this world makes my heart cry. If I can show the beauty or the ugliness through a lens, it makes me feel as though I have accomplished something special. Most of my work is photography. I play with some of my images digitally to bring different dimensions to my work, giving some of it an artistic look...abstract, watercolor, pencil...there are so many things that can be accomplished artistically on the computer. I take my work seriously, life not so seriously. I just want to observe, capture and cherish the moments so that they may be enjoyed now by others and in the future by those who come after me.

All of my art work is for sale on Fine Art America in a variety of styles, sizes and prices. I offer many different subjects from farm and ranch animals, to desert images, to the beauty of nature, and the soft memories of moments of yesterday. Please feel free to browse my site and discover images that make your heart smile or cry, something you would like to enhance the walls of your home or place of business. There are images that would be at home in your beach house, over your rustic fireplace, in your office, in a hospital, a bank, or a restaurant...many options. So, please come on in, make yourself comfortable and peruse the moments I have captured. Please note: the Fine Art America Watermark will not be visible on the purchased product.

All of the images that you see on my site are original, and as a result I hold the copyright to all of these images. This work may not be copied, reproduced, manipulated or used in any way without permission from the artist, Linda Cox. Any infringement on the copyright laws will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.


Matthew #20 by Linda Cox


All It Takes Matthew by Linda Cox


All It Takes by Linda Cox


Only As High As I Reach by Linda Cox


Beauty by Linda Cox


Beauty In Yellow by Linda Cox


Pretty In Pink by Linda Cox


Beauty In Lavender and Gold by Linda Cox


Beauty In Yellow and White by Linda Cox


Beauty In Copper by Linda Cox


Beauty In Purple by Linda Cox


Bridge Among The Trees by Linda Cox


Parker County Courthouse by Linda Cox


Coming In On Time Digital Brushwork by Linda Cox


Coming In On Time by Linda Cox


View From The Back by Linda Cox


Behind The Falls by Linda Cox


Silence by Linda Cox


Texas Cactus by Linda Cox


Cliff Dweller by Linda Cox


Cactus Still Life by Linda Cox


Mesquites and Pickup Truck Tracks by Linda Cox


Mesquite Tree and Cedar Post Fence by Linda Cox


Texas Donkey In Yellow Cacti by Linda Cox


Texas Longhorns 2 by Linda Cox


Texas Is Longhorns by Linda Cox


Trixie Greeting Card by Linda Cox


Trixie by Linda Cox


Fire and Water by Linda Cox


Big Bend's Praying Hands by Linda Cox


Watching Over The Ones I Love by Linda Cox


Big Bend Nativity by Linda Cox


The Mountain's Hand by Linda Cox


Dolly and Tux by Linda Cox


They Grow Them Big In Texas by Linda Cox


Listen To The Quiet by Linda Cox


Davids River by Linda Cox


Alabama Wild Morning Glory by Linda Cox


Caladiums In Broken Pot by Linda Cox


Buffalo by Linda Cox


Better Days by Linda Cox


Old Windmill by Linda Cox


Last Load by Linda Cox


Antlers by Linda Cox


Oil by Linda Cox



Grandma's House by Linda Cox


Love's Labor Lost III by Linda Cox


Pear Blossom Digital by Linda Cox